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Al Jama pledges to assist with Masjid zoning challenges

Rashida Ntotela | 24 Safar 1437/07 December 2015 The Al Jama Party is offering its services to Muslim communities still battling zoning restrictions in their Continue Reading →

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BDS involvement at Woolworths AGM ‘advances boycott campaign’ – Desai

Rashida Ntotela | 20 Safar 1437/03 December 2015 Monday saw a stepping stone for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) at Woolworths head office in Cape Continue Reading →

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Teachers slam ANA’s as administrative nightmare

Rashida Ntotela | 18 Safar 1437/01 December 2015 There has been mixed public reaction to the postponement of this year’s annual national assessments, the ANAs. Continue Reading →

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Palm Ridge Aalim stable after being stabbed 9 times en route to Fajr

Cii News | 17 Safar 1437/30 November 2015 Around 4.30 am on Saturday, Moulana Ismail Lambat and his brother Abdullah were walking to the Masjid Continue Reading →

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Winterveld – The Madrassah that started under a tree

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 14 Safar 1437/27 November 2015 Located in a township situated in an indigent area just North of Pretoria, this Continue Reading →

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‘We need charity with empathy’

Ebrahim Moosa – Cii News | 13 Safar 1437/26 November 2015 As the debate on the state on Indian-black relations in South Africa still simmers, Continue Reading →

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Racism in South Africa is fed by jarring economic inequality

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 12 Safar 1437/25 November 2015 The world thought racism had come to an end when South Africa held its Continue Reading →

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New ANC KZN leader offers ideas on how to bridge Indian-African divide

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 10 Safar 1437/23 November 2015 “We have made it clear that South Africa belongs to all who live in Continue Reading →

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Attorney slams disinformation campaign seeking to diminish symbolism of arrest warrants for Israeli soldiers

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 07 Safar 1437/20 November 2015 “The factual situation is that they are Turkish warrants.’’ The dispute as to whether Continue Reading →