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Mandela Qaradawi
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MJC launches campaign against Egyptian regime demonisation of Sheikh Qaradawi

Cii News | 19 Safar 1436/12 December 2014 The Western Cape’s flagship Ulama body, the Muslim Judicial Council(MJC) has launched a widespread campaign to combat Continue Reading →

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South African Justice System Still Credible

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 19 Safar 1436/12 December 2014 The not guilty verdict, in the case of Shrien Dewani, solicited a chorus Continue Reading →

Not in My fridge
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What is that Coke doing in your fridge?

Cii News | 10 December 2014 Coming hot on the heels of its successful #HandsOffAlAqsa campaign, UK based NGO, Friends of Al Aqsa(FOA) has launched Continue Reading →

candle globe
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Think we have it bad? Load Shedding Around the World

Fatima Haffejee – Cii News | 14 Safar 1436/07 December 2014 Load shedding season isn’t anybody’s favourite time of year, even for the most passive of us. Continue Reading →

Durban pothole
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How to claim damages from government if your vehicle is damaged by a pothole

Sakeena Suliman – Cii News | 12 Safar 1436/05 December 2014 It is not untrue that South Africa does not have the infrastructure to accommodate Continue Reading →

Escourt Fire
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Escourt Madressah Appeals for Assistance after Devastating Fire

Cii News | 10 Safar 1436/03 December 2014 The overwhelming support and goodwill of the community has cushioned the impact that a devastating fire has Continue Reading →

Abused Men
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Husband battering is no laughing matter

Cii News | 09 Safar 1436/02 December 2014 It may be difficult to believe but the flip side of domestic violence paints the picture of Continue Reading →

Red tide
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Port Elizabeth is painted red, again

Cii News | 08 Safar 1436/01 December 2014 For the second time in this year alone, the coastlines of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Continue Reading →

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5 Gut Wrenching Local Adventures

Fatima Haffejee – Cii Radio |  07 Safar 1436/30 November 2014 The thing about holidaying is that not everyone has the same interests. Whilst most Continue Reading →