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Xenophobic violence testament to South Africa’s many unhealed wounds

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 30 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/20 April 2015 For a country scarred by centuries of violence and brutality, in the Continue Reading →

SA why
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Xenophobia: “There are people who have a clear mission to destabilise this country”

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 27 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/17 April 2015 The point of departure is that it’s not nice to be forced, Continue Reading →

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The Muslim Power-lifter who has the world on his shoulders

Umar Stambuli – Cii News | 26 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/16 April 2015 What set off as training to get big and an aspiration to be Continue Reading →

KZN xenophobia
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African immigrants distraught at latest wave of Afrophobic violence

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 24 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/14 April 2015 Durban-based fellow Africans, hailing from other parts of the continent, have endured Continue Reading →

smart ID hijab
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How to apply for your new Smart ID Card without compromising your Hijab

Cii Radio | 23 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/13 April 2015 A rise in the number of complaints from sisters asked to remove their hijab, when applying Continue Reading →

ISIS alleged passports
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Ml Ebrahim Bham: SA Ulama have been consistent in their denunciation of ISIS ideology

Cii News | 18 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/08 April 2015 Responding to the cacophony of calls for “Muslim clergy” in South Africa to raise their voices Continue Reading →

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‘Politicians allowing Mannenburg to rot, because its not leafy enough’

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 18 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/ 08 April 2015 Amid the incessant terror, that has perennially wreaked havoc on the Continue Reading →

ijtima roshnee
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Heading to the Ijtima in Roshnee – beat the traffic blues

Cii News | 11 Jumadal Ukhra 1436 – 01 April 2015 “Make sure you come early on Friday morning,” advised Abdul Majid Badat, the head Continue Reading →

Ward 58
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Resident paints dire picture of Johannesburg’s Ward 58

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii Radio | 09 Jumadal Ukhra 1436/30 March 2015 Is Johannesburg’s Ward 58 falling apart? The question stems from a letter Continue Reading →