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inequality racism
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Racism in South Africa is fed by jarring economic inequality

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 12 Safar 1437/25 November 2015 The world thought racism had come to an end when South Africa held its Continue Reading →

Newsroom, South Africa

New ANC KZN leader offers ideas on how to bridge Indian-African divide

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 10 Safar 1437/23 November 2015 “We have made it clear that South Africa belongs to all who live in Continue Reading →

Newsroom, South Africa

Attorney slams disinformation campaign seeking to diminish symbolism of arrest warrants for Israeli soldiers

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 07 Safar 1437/20 November 2015 “The factual situation is that they are Turkish warrants.’’ The dispute as to whether Continue Reading →

bank robbery
Newsroom, South Africa

Bank greed sees homes being sold for as little as R10 !

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 05 Safar 1437/18 November 2015 A mortgage is a haraam riba-based transaction that is based on a loan with Continue Reading →

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New book tells the tale of illustrious Ulama who left us in the past decade

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 03 Safar 1437/16 November 2015 An excellent opportunity is offered to Muslims to acquaint themselves with recent flashes of Continue Reading →

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OUTA with help you fight e-tolls in court

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 30 Muharram 1437/13 November 2015 Anti e-toll group Outa is leading one of the greatest tax revolts in South Continue Reading →

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KZN shack-dwellers slam Mfeka

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 29 Muharram 1437/12 November 2015 Of late we have seen the re-emergence of interracial resentment which has been largely Continue Reading →

chicken farm
Newsroom, South Africa

Hundreds of chickens die due to drought in SA

Agencies | 28 Muharram 1437/11 November 2015 As South Africa continues to battle the worst drought in more than two decades, small farmers in Limpopo Continue Reading →

Newsroom, South Africa

ANC KZN conference to change national politics

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 28 Muharram 1437/11 November 2015 The recently concluded ANC KwaZulu Natal provincial conference is set to have a wide Continue Reading →