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What Khaled Meshaal and Hamas said about Syria

Pic: Pic: Reuters (File) | 14 Muharram 1437/28 October 2015 Hamas, the leading Palestinian resistance organisation, says it chose principle above interests when it took Continue Reading →

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Hamas: Expect surprises from us

Cii News | 12 Muharram 1437/26 October 2015 The Israeli government is misleading its citizens on IDF soldiers who went missing during last year’s Gaza Continue Reading →

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This Week in Palestine: Netanyahu hits a new low as Hamas wins adulation in SA

Cii Correspondent | 09 Muharram 1436/ “Hitler did not want to terminate the Jews, he just wanted to expel them” says Israeli Leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Continue Reading →

mina death t
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Mina Stampede death toll reportedly reaches 2177

Associated Press | 08 Muharram 1436/22 September 2015 The crush and stampede that struck the hajj last month in Saudi Arabia killed at least 2,177 Continue Reading →

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Hamas does not support Assad in Syria

Cii Radio | 08 Muharram 1436/21 October 2015 Khaled Meshaal, the leader of leader of Palestinian resistance group Hamas, has reiterated his organisation’s stance on Continue Reading →

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ANC’s hosting of Hamas a watershed

Cii News | 06 Muharram 1436/20 October 2015 Khaled Meshaal, leader of Palestinian Movement – Hamas and fellow comrades, were invited and hosted by the Continue Reading →

Apartheid Wall Gaza
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Israeli to build another Apartheid Wall alongside Gaza

Agencies | 02 Muharram 1436/16 October 2015 Israel has announced plans to build a “security wall” along its border with the blockaded Gaza Strip, Israeli Continue Reading →

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Outspoken Israeli journalist in South Africa

Cii News | 29 Dhul Hijjah 1436/13 October 2015 Renowned Israeli journalist Amira Hass has begun a speaking tour in South Africa under the auspices Continue Reading →

Ahmed Mohammed
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Ahmed Mohammed ‘clockmaster’ invited for Umrah

Arab News | 23 Dhul Hijjah 1436/07 October 2015 Saudi Arabia is hosting for Umrah the American student who was recently wrongfully arrested after a Continue Reading →