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halaal haraam
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Saudi Arabia bans prominent books by Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi, Hassan al Banna et al

Arab News | 19 Safar 1437/02 December 2015 The Ministry of Education has banned all schools, libraries and resource centers from using 80 books of Continue Reading →

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The curious tale of the Abyssinian guardians of Masjid an Nabawi SAW

Umar Stambuli – Cii News | 17 Safar 1437/30 November 2015 The minarets spiraling towards the sky at the Prophet SAW’s mosque in Madina have Continue Reading →

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Israel to open up mission in Abu Dhabi

Jerusalem Post | 14 Safar 1437/27 November 2015 The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed a Haaretz report Friday that Israel will in the coming weeks open Continue Reading →

life in syria
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A rare glimpse of life inside Syria today under Coalition & Russian bombardment

Rashida Ntotela – Cii News | 13 Safar 1437/26 November 2015 “They think ISIS is being bombed, ISIS is being weakened, but there are so Continue Reading →

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Joints, beers and never setting foot in a Masjid – Profile of the alleged Paris attackers

Umar Stambuli – Cii News | 10 Safar 1437/23 November 2015 When ISIL took over control of vast lands in Syria and Iraq, it claimed Continue Reading →

cyclone chapala
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Strange things are happening in the Middle East

Cii News | 06 Safar 1437/19 November 2015 As wars, conflict, death and suffering continue to be the major defining characteristics of large parts of Continue Reading →

raed salah movement
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Sheikh Rae’d Salah’s Islamic Movement has been banned

Agencies | 04 Safar 1437/17 November 2015 Israel has banned a group of Muslim activists known for campaigning for Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, accusing them of Continue Reading →

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Israel to build underground barrier around Gaza

Agencies | 30 Muharram 1437/11 November 2015 Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Wednesday night announced that Israel would soon begin building a subterranean barrier Continue Reading →

makkah crane
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Makkah crane crash supsects to be put on trial – Saudi media

Arab News | 26 Muharram 1437/09 November 2015 Investigators of the Grand Mosque crane crash have achieved a major breakthrough and those responsible for the Continue Reading →