The brainchild of a group of South African visionaries, Cii Broadcasting is a global Islamic media brand which aims to bring about a new level of information affluence among Muslims around the world.

Cii is a diverse media brand, driven by a fresh, young company which spotted a clear and consistent gap in the global media market, especially in English language media: up until now, there has been no concerted effort to target relevant, useful information to the global Muslim community.

CII fills that gap, providing high quality Islamic content to more a million listeners worldwide.

The station’s programming reflects a desire to reach people on a different level, to broaden the horizons of all listeners. In the race for excellence, there is no finish line, and Channel Islam International’ s programming and broadcasting philosophies are testimony to that.

CII’s six studios in Johannesburg and Durban are equipped with state of the art digital technology. Also on hand on a round the clock basis is the Channel’s Shura council, which monitors all content.

The content is designed to encourage listeners to think, to grow, and create an awareness of various ideologies that will assist them both on a social and spiritual level. Programming covers issues of global relevance, from finance and technology to lifestyle and infotainment. Children’s and women’s programming is also of key importance in CII’s bouquet of services.

CII presenters and content producers work closely with key Islamic scholars in the Arab world to formulate Islamic content with specific relevance to the African market, breaking through communication barriers, keeping listeners informed and stimulated.

Interaction with listeners is paramount. Every programme is designed to uplift and inspire listeners, making them feel proud to be Muslim and determined to make the most of each day. In parts of southern Africa, Cii listeners have abandoned their television sets, preferring the value and excitement of each day’ programming.

In South Africa especially, Cii reaches a relatively affluent target market, with the result that there is great opportunity to leverage the relationship for the greater good of Muslims around the world.

Today Cii is known to be a pioneer in Islamic satellite audio broadcasting and has become the benchmark which is setting the pace for the proliferation and growth of Islamic media globally.