Qaanitah Hunter – Cii Nerve Centre| October 25, 2012

The main focus of the Khutbah delivered by the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
and Imaam of Hajj was Tawheed or the oneness of Allah.

Shaykh ‘Abdul-’Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah Aal ash- Shaykh, delivered the Khutbah
at Masjidun Namirah in Arafah on Thursday.

After praising Allah and sending salutations on the Prohphet Muhammed (saw),
the Imaam emphasized the belief in the oneness of Allah- Tawheed.

He said the message of Islam is based on Tawheed by saying that everything
comes back to Tawheed

“O Muslims! A true Muslim is one that abstains from Shirk. Those who ascribe
partners to Allah, their abode is Jahannum,” Shaykh Aal ash Shaykh said.

He said a salient feature of a true believer is that he only calls on to

The next point he focused on was Da’wah. He urged Muslims to call people to
Islam and piety in a suitable way.

The Shaykh continued to list the qualities of a true believer which include
the qualities of inviting to Allah, exercising Zuhd and suppressing the
Nafs, enjoying doing good A’maal, experiencing the sweetness of faith and being honest with oneself.

After touching on Aqeedah the Shaykh, he then mentioned the Khalifah Rashideen,
the noble companions of the Prohphet (Muhammed (saw).

“The Prophet (saw) said follow my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Khulafa ar
Rashidoon,” Shaykh said.

He noted that they were the best leaders.

“Sahaba taught us leadership, Akhlaaq, how to set up government structures,”
he said.

He called on the Muslim community to never have enmity and to understand a
situation before reacting.

Towards the conclusion of his talk, the Imaam gave advice to the Hujaaj by
highlighting the virtues of Hajj.

“Make dua on this day of Arafah proclaim the words of tawheed.”

He then noted the remainder of rituals of Hajj and then urged the Hujaaj to
fear Allah in all of their doings.

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