Qaanitah Hunter| Cii News| October 3, 2012

Cape Town based retailer, Wellness Warehouse has has responded to threats of renewed protests at their refusal to remove AHAVA products from their shleves.

In a statement they said they are apolitical and rely on the South African Government to deal with sensitive, complex and controversial political issues.

This comes as members of the Open Shuhada Street (OSS) movement together with students from the University of Cape Town protested outside the store last Saturday against their stocking of Israel’s AHAVA products that are not labeled as “Made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories”

Wellness Warehouse noted that as retailers, they adhere to the laws of the South African government, including the rules and regulations governed by The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

The DTI has however issued a notice that all products emanating from the occupied territories should be labeled correctly and OSS has urged Wellness Warehouse to comply with this.

“We urge the various lobbyist groups concerned with this matter to direct their efforts and agendas through the appropriate Government channels,” the retailer’s statement read.

They also admitted that they only intended to remove the products the first time to end the protests.


“The Operations Manager instructed the on-duty Store Manager to remove the products in order to avoid any further conflict, until he could investigate further. The protestors then left the store.”


It further said that a Wellness Director contacted the on-duty Store Manager and instructed her to return the products to the shelf.

Open Shuhada will be hosting another protest outside the store in two weeks.


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