Qaanitah Hunter| Cii News| 03 October  2012

Palestinian solidarity group, Open Shuhada Street (OSS), have decided to plan another protest outside cosmetic retailer, Wellness Warehouse in Cape Town South Africa, to pressure the company to remove Israel’s AHAVA products from their shelves until it is relabeled as “Made in the Occupied Palestinian Territories”.

A previous protest by the organisation resulted in the temporary removal of the products for the duration of the action.

OSS spokesperson, Bruce Baigrie, said a second protest is planned for October 13, 2012.

“We will continue protesting until they heed our demands,” he said.

South Africa’s Department of Trade Industry (DTI) has issued a notice that all products emanating from the Occupied Territories should be labeled correctly and Palestinian solidarity groups have urged Wellness Warehouse to comply with this.

Baigrie said while they hope the retailer will stop stocking AHAVA completely, their main aim is to ensure the products are correctly labeled.

“Essentially they are obligated under the law to make sure it is labeled properly,” Baigrie noted.

Open Shuhada Street have been engaging with Wellness Warehouse for over two years .

AHAVA Cosmetics, an Israeli-based company, is accused by human rights organisations of being complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestine and Israel’s illegal settlements enterprise.

AHAVA operates in Israel’s illegal settlements in the Palestinian West Bank territories in violation of international law, the organisation said.

The notice by the DTI has come under fire from Zionist organizations such as the Zionist Federation of South Africa and the Zionist Board of Deputies.


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