Abdinasir Ahmed Bashir – Cii News | 17 September 2012

South African Somalis have been left outraged after the rape and strangulation of a heavily pregnant women from the community.

Reports from the Port Elizabeth suburb of Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape say police are now looking for the unknown attackers of Nasro Mohamed Qaman who was nine months pregnant.

The alleged incident took place on Saturday night and the angry Somali community buried her yesterday at Malaba Muslim cemetery.

Her husband, Mohamed Qeybdid Abdirahman, told CII that his wife was all alone in the house when the assailants broke through the window at the middle of the night.

He was at his small grocery shop in Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape about 75 km away.

Doctors said the women had signs of rape, while police speculated the attacker numbered more than three judging by the amount of heavy bags full of clothes they stole from the house.

An eyewitness who saw the body and the scene of the murder said the woman bled from the head, her hands were tied behind her back and her private parts were exposed.

Her husband said the attackers also stole some jewelry and money.

Police and the Somalis clashed over the handling of the body. People were angry about police inaction despite spate of killings in the area.



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