Cii News – August 7, 2012

A young Muslim resident of Ventersdorp in the North West Province died early on Tuesday morning after an alleged fight broke out in Magaliesburg when he was mocked for adorning his face with a sunnah beard.

27-year-old Muhammad Fayaaz Kazi and his 33-year-old uncle, Anser Mahmood were en route to Ventersdorp yesterday when they stopped off in Magaliesburg to get some food for their iftar, the fast breaking evening meal. After purchasing some food from a fast food outlet an argument allegedly broke out between Kazi and unknown Afrikaner males.

“It was a white Afrikaner,” Mahmood told Cii News. “I asked him (Kazi) what happened. He said they are making fun of my beard.” Muslim men are encouraged to grow a fist length beard emulating the Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Mahmood continued, “I shouted at them. I said why are you troubling my nephew? From there, problems started. They wanted to hit me. We were one on one. At that time they weren’t hitting Fayaaz. So the guy from the Chicken Licken, he kicked us out. When I was out, I was holding a brick. So he didn’t want to come out. Then suddenly, I don’t know where the third person he came out. He hit me on my side face. So I fall down. When I fall down then they went to Muhammad Fayaaz, then I don’t remember [sic].”

Upon gaining consciousness, police arrived at the scene and the two were directed to the Magaliesburg police station but apparently no case was opened. “I didn’t want to open a case. I said I will come back to this place alone,” said Mahmood.

“But Muhammad Fayaaz said he wanted to open a case. The police said we can go to the station on that road and they will come there with these people. Fayaaz said, no, (what) if these people go away? They (the police) said, no, we know them. Then we went to the police station and Muhammad Fayaaz said, no, I want to go home [sic].”

They then rushed to Ventersdorp and along the way Fayaaz’s condition deteriorated. According to Mahmood, he vomited twice and lost control. Fayaaz was then admitted for medical treatment in Ventersdorp where his situation became worse. Doctors thereafter suggested a transfer to a medical facility in Potchefstroom. A medical source working with the case told Cii that Fayaaz suffered from a subdural haematoma, also known as a subdural haemorrhage (SDH), which is a form of traumatic brain injury.

His body became stiff and his eyes dilated before a decision was made for him to be transferred to Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital in Johannesburg. Here he was refused admittance as he was already classified as brain dead. Further attempts to admit him to a private medical centre also failed. He was then transferred back to Potchefstroom where he passed away at 5am.

Mahmood said they planned to open a formal case on Tuesday afternoon. The South African Police Services in Magaliesburg could not comment.

Moulana Shabbier Saloojee, the principal of Darul Uloom Zakarriyah, one of South Africa’s leading Islamic seminaries described the death of Fayaaz as that of a shaheed or martyr. “We know that it is very important for us to uphold every sunnat (practice) of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and unfortunately sometimes we meet different challenges in upholding it.”

He added, “Tonight we have the mayyit (funeral) of this shaheed in this blessed month of Ramadan for the sake of the beard of Rasullulah (peace be upon him)…The Noble Quran also tells us with regards to the martyrs that, Bal Ahyah, they are alive in the court of Allah Ta’ala and this this is just a crossing from this world into the next world.”

The Janazah of Muhammad Fayaaz Kazi, the brother of Muhammad Nouman Kazi and Muhammad Farhaan Kazi of Ventersdorp will leave from Darul Uloom Zakariyyah at 9pm to the Avalon Cemetery.

May Allah grant the Marhoom Jannatul Firdose. Ameen.



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