Faizel Patel – Cii News and Agencies (01-08-12)

With just 5 months of the school curriculum left, rights group Section 27 is unhappy with government’s catch-up plan for pupils affected by the textbook shortage in Limpopo. It says expecting pupils to self study is simply not good enough.

After months of criticism for failing to deliver textbooks, basic education officials are now under pressure to make sure pupils who missed out on classes get up to speed.

Mark Heywood from Section 27 said, “There is still nothing in there about extra tuition and in fact the minister is arguing that extra tuition is not really necessary.”

The NGO reiterated that pupils needed extra time in classes with teachers.

Basic Education minister, Angie Motshekga will be meeting with school principals in Limpopo today to brief them on the catch-up plan.