Qaanitah Hunter- Cii News – June 21, 2012

“It was like Qiyamah”, that is how Dr. Fawzia Siddiqui described the situation when rumours exploded internationally about the death of her sister Dr. Aafia Siddiqui yesterday.

The rumors immediately attracted media attention and many supporters worldwide who frantically tried to verify the information.

“The news spread like wild fire and we do not know where it came from,” Dr. Fawzia said.

She has requested a full and thorough inquiry.

Dr. Fawzia highlighted that the extent of the rumours went as far as people sending condolence messages to the family, conducting Isale Thawaab and performing Janazah Salaah for Dr. Aafia.

After much effort to contact the embassies and various politicians, the US embassy in Pakistan dispelled the rumors and confirmed that she was alive.

“I requested a phone call to Aafia to confirm that she is alive and I asked for a video call so that they do not play a recording,” Dr. Fawzia said.

The family waited for several hours after confirmation that a phone call will be allowed to speak to Aafia.

“Just before Fajr we spoke to Aafia in detail and she is well although very sick,” the sister said.

While speaking to the family, Aafia narrated that when she was asleep (while the rumors were spreading) she was in sever pain in a semi-unconscious state, when Nabi (SAW) came to her in a dream and continuously read the dua for pain  while placing his hand on her.

According to Dr. Fawzia Aafia told her in the phone call that she then woke up and was fine. After that the warden came and said that she must make a phone call either to them or to her mother.

Interestingly, the official Free Aafia website and twitter account could not be accessed while the rumors spread.

“After we clarified everything via phone calls it started working again.”

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