Azhar Vadi – Cii News – June 14, 2012

Another child sex video has gone viral in South Africa this involving what seems to be a ten-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy.

The video is now in the possession of the Film and Publications Board (FPB). It apparently shows a girl aged about 10 coaxing a boy aged about four years old into a sexual act. According to Eyewitness News the boy seems to understand exactly what do and is not shocked by what is happening.

The contents of the video will now be investigated by the FPB.

The incident again pointed to the declining moral standards of South Africans. A recent report said that an abortion takes place every ten minutes on average in the Eastern Cape with many requests coming from children as young as 12. The influx of child abortions has forced many women to turn to backyard abortions putting their lives at risk.

Last month another video containing the gang rape of a 17-year-old mentally challenged girl by seven boys also went viral.

Gita Dennen, head of Childline’s community awareness and prevention programme in Gauteng told Cii News that , “Children have access to social media and technology without being monitored by their parents. These phones have high capabilities for video and pictures and they are not taught and given guidelines from parental caregivers.”

A full investigation in to latest incident still needed to be carried out and it was not yet known if an adult or a third person was involved.

Dennen however noted that adults were at times responsible for encouraging kids to carry out the sexual behavior. “There is the problem of adults getting involved and grooming children for a situation where they are sexually abused. Adults then video this and send it around the internet. And here the adults must take the full responsibility and we hope that they will be traced and by brought to justice.”