Faizel Patel – Cii Broadcasting (17-04-12)

Yet another twist in the e-toll saga has emerged. With just two weeks until Gauteng’s contentious e-toll system is implemented, roads agency Sanral is scurrying to remediate problems. Sanral wants motorists who don’t buy an e-tag or register their vehicle in advance to pay up to 6 times the tariffs of those who do!

Opposition groups say it’s a brilliant tactic and have accused Sanral of shifting the goal posts but Sanral is inexorable the public was warned about the fees a long time ago. First Sanral threatened road users from renewing their vehicle licenses if they weren’t registered.

Now…Sanral says motorists will be penalized if they don’t have an e-tag and don’t settle their account within seven days even if invoices are only sent out twice a month. CEO of Sanral, Nazir Ali the so called “Tzar of Tar” said there is a cost in terms of the additional administration costs to be able to send you out an invoice, etc. It’s like any other cost, if a person does not pay on time, it attracts an additional cost.


So what will the difference be between being e-tagged/registered or not?

  • Tagged and registered motorists will pay 30 cents/kilometre and a maximum of R550/month.
  • Without e-tag/Sanral registration, motorists will pay 58 cents/kilometre.
  • If not paid within 7 days, the cost of using Gauteng’s highways soars to R1.74/kilometre.


Wayne Duvenage from the opposition to e-tolling alliance said that the increase for toll fees for untagged and unregistered road users is another example of Sanral changing the playing fields and being very confused at such a late stage.

With just two weeks lefts, the implementation of the e-toll system could be a time bomb ticking, ready to explode. Sanral is the first to admit that it hasn’t quite worked out how motorists will challenge incorrect billing.

Complaints can be logged with the call centre; however Sanral says it’s not sure if motorists will be responsible for their accounts while they wait for the queries to be resolved.